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 The Gourmand (Greedy) Cat
My cat is always hungry
Your cat meows constantly in order to get food
Your cat devours his meal in only a few minutes (bulimia)
Your cat regurgitates his food a few minutes after eating
The Pot-bellied
My cat is obese
Your cat has a belly that almost touches the floor.
Your cat continues to gain weight even with a low-calorie diet.
The Depressive Cat
My cat does nothing and sleeps all the time
Your cat sleeps practically all day long
Your cat does not play
Your cat does not greet you when you get home
The Hyperactive Cat
My cat races like crazy, climbs everywhere and causes things to fall down throughout
the house.
Your cat gets a rounded back, takes off in a sprint around the house, races up the stairs and jumps on the sofa.
Your cat is constantly investigating new places to explore.
Your cat slips out between your legs the minute you open the door.
Your cat climbs everywhere, opens cabinets and pushes things so they fall.
Your cat grooms itself with an exaggerated intensity.
The Singing Cat
My cat vocalizes during the night
Your cat wakes you up at night to be fed
Your cat wakes up earlier and earlier waiting for its breakfast
The Hunter Cat
My cat attacks my ankles, my hands and my feet
Your cat attacks your geed when you are sleeping.
Your cat attacks your ankles when you are walking.
Your cat bites you when you pet it for too long.
The fearful Cat
My cat is scared of everything
Your cat spends most of his time under the wardrobe or bed when you have guests.
The smallest noise will cause your cat to jump. Even walking in his direction makes him run away.
The Bully Cat
My cats fight regularly
Your cat is regularly aggressive towards another cat in your home.
Your cat stares at and blocks the passage of another cat in your home.
Your cat regularly runs after another cat in your home.
The Marking Cat
My cat urinates outside
the litter box.
Your cat urinates in corners, on doorframes, or on chair legs.
The Sick Cat
My cat suffers from an illness
Your cat has urinary difficulties
Your cat is diabetic
Your cat has renal (kidney) disease
Your cat has dental disease
Your cat has recurrent infections
The Older Cat
My cat is old and simply sleeps all the time
Your cat spends most of its time sleeping in the same place and is not active anymore.
Your cat no longer plays with his old toys
Nothing stimulates your cat anymore
The kitten
And the kitten?
You just got a fluffy little kitten that has not stopped purring.
Your kitten is exploring and experiencing the world.
Your kitten is playful and is busy perfecting its chasing and hunting behaviors on your furniture.
The Normal Cat
Are there normal cats?
Your cat seems to live a good, well-rounded life, without any problems.

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