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Pipolino for dogs

The Pipolino® is a wonderful tool designed for cats. However, it is just as beneficial for dogs. In fact, the Pipolino® will provide to your canine companion 1/2 to 2 hours of daily activity.

It is a very efficient way in which to control stress related problems and boredom (separation anxiety and a lack of mental stimulation).

The Pipolino® will also help to control behavior problems related to lack of physical activity.

For safe and effective use of the Pipolino® in dogs, there are 2 conditions that must be satisfied::

  • The maximum pellet size of food that will fit into
    the Pipolino’s holes is 12 mm.
  • The Pipolino® is built for rolling on the floor not for being chewed on, carried around in the dog’s mouth or being thrown on the floor. The Pipolino® may break if it falls onto the floor. Although it is possible to easily glue the broken parts back together, prevention is recommended.

The Pipolino® can be used by dogs:

  • under 12 kg without hesitation
  • between 12 and 20 kg if the dog is under supervision (remove the Pipolino® immediately when empty and to prevent destruction and risk of injuries)
  • over 20kg if the dog is under supervision and does not usually chew, carry or throw its regular toys.

The Pipolino® will also be efficient for your ferret and your rabbit!

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