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  1. 1) What is the Pipolino®
  2. 2) Who needs a Pipolino®
  3. 3) When should you provide a Pipolino® to your cat?
  4. 4) Why is the Pipolino® so efficient?
  5. 5) Cats look miserable when they have to work like that to access their daily food?

What is the Pipolino®

  1. It is a food pellet distributor that acts as a virtual hunting field that will satisfy your cat’s predatory needs.
  2. When hungry, your cat has to roll the Pipolino® to extract the food pellets. This action mimics the natural predatory behavior that your cat was genetically programmed to perform in the wild.

The Pipolino® is the only healthy tool designed to satisfy your cat’s primary needs.

Who needs a Pipolino®

  • 100% of cats leaving in a multicat household
  • 90% of indoor cats
  • 60% of outdoor cats
  • Obese cats
  • Cats sleeping all day (depression)
  • Cats vocalizing during the night
  • Anxious or shy cats
  • Aggressive cats (toward other cats or toward owners)
  • Hyperactive cats
  • Cats eating to fast and vomiting or regurgitating
    after a meal (bulimia)
  • Cats grooming and licking their body excessively
  • Cats urine marking or house soiling

When should you provide a Pipolino®
to your cat?

  1. As a kitten (7 weeks and older)
  2. After spaying or neutering to prevent obesity
  3. To increase the success of a weight management program for obese cats
  4. In the presence of any disease in order to increase the success of medical treatment
  5. When you have more than one cat in the household
  6. In presence of any behavior problem (nocturnal vocalization, anxiety or fear, excessive grooming and automutilation, aggression, urine marking, hyperactivity, etc.)

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Cats look miserable when they have to work like that to access their daily food?

It is the opposite. With all the potentially negative side effects of traditional bowl feeding compared to the beneficial effects of the Pipolino® including it’s capacity to satisfy the cat’s fundamental needs, we believe that it is the bowl fed cats that are the most miserable. Bowl fed cats become dependent of this mode of feeding that may be harmful for their physical and mental health. Allow your companion animal to express its natural feeding and hunting behavior. Provide your cat a Pipolino®.

Why is the Pipolino® so efficient?

  1. Feline predatory needs are independent of their feeding needs. The cats then need to hunt even when they are well fed. The Pipolino® is the only tool that satisfies these fundamental needs by feeding the cats and providing the physical activity and the mental stimulation required for their wellbeing.
  2. Activity and mental stimulation provided by the Pipolino® will also
    a. Decrease the effect of environmental stress
    b. Prevent and decrease hyperactivity
    c. Decrease postprandial hyperglycemia and secondary drowsiness
    d. Increase lipid catabolism and prevent fat storage
    e. Increase protein anabolism and promote development of healthy muscles
    f. Decrease stress and anxiety
    g. Increase play and wakefulness
    h. Decrease risk of urinary stasis and secondary obstruction
  3. The food pellets coming out of the Pipolino® act as positive reinforcement and prevent your cat from losing interest, thus promoting regular use.
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